NEC Quiz: Article 250, Part Nine Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. [250.53(D)]. 1, The continuity of the grounding (bonding) path must not rely on water meters, filtering equipment, or similar equipment (you can meet this by putting bonding jumpers around them) and 2, You have to use another grounding electrode with it.

  2. [250.53(F)]. 30 inches.

  3. [250.53(G)]. At least 8 feet.

  4. [250.53(H)]. 30 inches.

  5. [250.54]. The bonding requirements of 250.50 (or 250.53(C)), and the resistance requirements of 250.56. But that's because this is supplemental and is not to be used as an effective ground-fault current path.