NEC Quiz: Article 250, Part Fourteen Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. This passage actually refers to bonding. The reference is Article 100, which provides the definitions of grounding and bonding. Grounding in this passage makes no sense from a technical standpoint, so the correct word is bonding.

  2. [250.114]. Again, we have a word misuse. The equipment must be connected to an "equipment grounding conductor" which is, in actuality, an equipment bonding conductor. There are a few exceptions to this requirement, but generally it applies.

  3. [250.118]. No. It doesn't even have to be wire. See the 14 types of EGC in 250.118.

  4. [250.122(A)]. Yes. It can't be smaller than shown in Table 250.122, but doesn't need to be larger than the circuit conductors supplying the equipment.

  5. [250.122(F)]. Yes, if you run the ungrounded conductors in parallel.