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NEC Quiz: Article 300, Part 1 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. [300.3(B)]. Use bigger raceway. You never "need" to do this. In fact, it's prohibited. There is an exception in [300.3(B)(1)], for a very special case.

  2. [300.3(C)(1)]. Yes, but there's a catch: all of the conductors must have an insulation rating at least that of the maximum circuit voltage applied to any conductor in a given raceway, enclosure, or cable. What this means generally is you should follow the good  engineering practice of putting runs of power, signal, and control wiring in separate raceways and bundles wherever possible. That way, you'll never violate this requirement.

  3. [300.4]. You'll find the requirements for wood in subsection A, for metal in subsection B.

  4. [300.4(G)]. Protect the conductors with an identified fitting that provides a smoothly rounded insulating surface. You can skip this fitting, if you instead use insulating material that is firmly fastened in place.

  5. [300.4(H)]. A listed expansion fitting or other approved means. This subsection is new, with the 2011 NEC.