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NEC Quiz: Article 314, Part 3 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Yes. You can use them with conduit or tubing. In fact, a reference to this practice is made in 314.16(C).

  2. It's an elbow fitting intended to enable installing of the raceway; the contained conductors cannot contain splices, taps, or devices [314.16(C)].

  3. Twice the cross-sectional area of the largest conduit or tubing to which it can attach [314.16(C)].

  4. That would be the maximum number permitted for the conduit or tubing to which it is attached, per Table 1 of Chapter 9 [314.16(C)].

  5. In a rigid and secure manner [314.16(C)]. Typically, a conduit body has screw holes or screw flanges for this purpose. Screw or bolt the conduit body in place. The conduit or tubing cannot serve as the support; you run conduit or tubing from securely mounted box or body to securely mounted box or body.