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NEC Quiz: Article 314, Part 5 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Do all the calculations that apply, then add them up for the total space needed [314.16(B)].

  2. If it's not less than twice the minimum length required for free conductors in 300.14, count it twice. If it's shorter than that, then you count it once if any part of it leaves the box. If it qualifies as "a conductor, no part of which leaves the box" and meets the length requirements, then you don't count it at all--but such conductors are not the ones addressed by 300.14  [314.16(B)(1)].

  3.  These count as a single volume allowance per Table 314.16(B), if inside the box [[314.16(B)(2) and [314.16(B)(3)].

  4. A double volume allowance [314.16(B)(4)].

  5. A single volume allowance [314.16(B)(5)].