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NEC Quiz: Article 314, Part 8 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. 314.24 says it must be deep enough to allow for proper mounting of equipment and provide enough room to make conductor damage unlikely. From this subsection, you might conclude there's no specific number and it's a matter of judgment. But if you keep reading, you will find specific numbers in 314.24(A) and 314.24(B). But that's not all. See also 314.16(B) for fill calculations.

  2. Yes, actually. Alternatively, it can have a faceplate, lampholder, or luminaire canopy [314.25]. It must have one of these, unless the installation meets one of the three conditions of 314.25(A), (B), or (C).

  3. Those that are designed for a luminaire and installed per 314.23 [314.27(A)].

  4. The maximum weight of the luminaire it can support, if other than 50 lb [314.27(A)(1)]. There is an exception to this rule, for boxes under 6lb if you meet certain conditions.

  5. Actually, there is only one condition. It must be listed specifically for such use [314.27(B)]. You can't just use a wall box in the floor. If you look at a wall box and a floor box carefully, you'll see differences and what you'll see has to do with the flame path.