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NEC Quiz: Article 322 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Flat Cable Assemblies (Type FC). It's a flat cable integrated with connectors (thus making it an assembly).

  2. There are four: As branch circuits to supply suitable tap devices for certain kinds of small loads (e.g., lighting, small appliances, small power loads), where installed for exposed work, in locations not subject to physical damage, and in surface metal raceways identified for the use [322.10].

  3. There are four: where exposed to corrosive conditions (unless suitable for the application), in hoistways (or on elevators or escalators), in any hazardous (see Chapter 5) location (except where specifically authorized in the NEC), and outdoors (or in wet or damp locations) unless identified for the use [322.12].

  4. That's a trick question. You do not support it with staples. You must secure and support flat cables using their special design features [322.30].

  5. Use approved wiring methods, within the junction boxes, installed at either end of the flat cable assembly runs [322.40(D)]. This requirement excludes (from acceptability) such things as soldering extensions onto the flat cable conductors. That practice is mentioned here because electronics technicians sometimes mistakenly apply their techniques to 50V and higher power circuits.