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NEC Quiz: Article 326 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. It addresses Integrated Gas Spacer Cable (Type IGS). It's a factory assembly of conductors, each individually insulated. The assembly is enclosed in a loose-fit, nonmetallic flexible conduit as an integrated gas spacer cable. As the name implies, it's gas-pressurized. Type IGS may be rated up to 600V [326.1].

  2. You can apply Type IGS for use underground, including direct burial. There are three permissible applications: Service-entrance conductors, Feeder or branch-circuit conductors, and Service-lateral conductors [326.10].

  3. You can't use it for interior wiring or where it would be exposed to contact with buildings [326.12].

  4. That's a trick question. Because it's buried, you do not support it in the normal NEC sense. However, you need to follow normal procedures for proper cable burial and, of course, use good workmanship in the installation.

  5. Use terminations and splices identified as a type suitable for maintaining the gas pressure within the conduit [326.40].