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NEC Quiz: Article 336 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. It addresses Type TC power and control cable. This is a specific manufacture of cable. It's an assembly of two or more conductors under a nonmetallic jacket. The grounding conductor may be bare or covered [336.1, 336.2].

  2. Article 336 lists eight uses, and the seventh (in industrial establishments under specified conditions) has an exception. If you listed "in cable trays and in raceways," you got two of the eight. The first listed use is "For power, lighting, control, and signal circuits." This cable has many uses! Before you specify it for a job, however, look for it in the ampacity tables in Article 310. It's not there. That's because it's a low power cable, not a general conductor type.

  3. You can't use it where it's exposed to physical damage. Methods such as rigid conduit and intermediate conduit (Articles 342 and 342, respectively) fill this particular niche, but even in those cases you want to reduce the exposure as much as is practical.

    You can't install it outside a raceway or cable tray unless it's supported by messenger wire or under the special conditions described in 336.10(7) [336.2].

  4. Because it's a tray cable, it doesn't require its own support. If you use it outside of a tray or raceway, you must support it with a messenger wire [336.10(4)].

  5. You can use any terminations suitable for the conductors. The NEC says nothing on this aspect of installation.