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NEC Quiz: Article 340 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. It addresses Type UF cable. The designation "UF" stands for Underground Feeder but you can also use this cable for branch circuits [340.1]. The cable has a nonmetallic sheath and is suitable for direct burial [340.2].

  2. Article 340 lists seven uses. Obviously, it can be used underground. But there are half a dozen other uses, including solar voltaic systems and for wiring in wet or corrosive locations [340.10].

  3. As with most wiring methods, you can't use it where it's exposed to physical damage. With any wiring method, you should assume that restriction unless the Code says otherwise.

    Methods such as rigid conduit and intermediate conduit (Articles 342 and 342, respectively) fill this particular niche, but even in those cases you want to reduce the exposure as much as is practical. Article 340 lists ten other prohibited uses, and most of those are specific types of occupancies (e.g., movie theaters) [340.12].

  4. You can use any hardware suitable to the application and to the size cable you are using. Whatever you do, don't exceed the bend radius [340.24].

  5. Article 340 doesn't specify the types of terminations to be used. You can use any types of terminations suitable to the application and to the size cable you are using.