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NEC Quiz: Article 400 Answers (Part 1)

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. The title of Article 400 tells us that it addresses flexible cords and cables.

  2. They have to be in Table 400.4, and used for the purposes permited by that table for that type of flexible cord or cable. Exceptions can be made, but only with the approval of the AHJ,

  3. No, you must use a range or dryer cord [Table 400.4].

  4. It's rated for 2000V and its conductors are 12AWG [Table 400.4].
  5. The clear winner is hard service cord. And those entries are not contiguous. The Table does not sort entries by trade name, but instead sorts them by the Type letter designation. Why is it done this way? Because if you have the cable in your hand you may not know its trade name but you sure as heck can read the Type letters on its insulation. Before you terminate that cable, look at those letters and check the application against what's permitted in Table 400.4.