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NEC Quiz: Article 402 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Table 402.3 provides some information about each type of allowed fixture cable. Those are identifcation letters, type of insulation, AWG of the conductors, thickness of the insulation, outer covering composition, maximum operating temperature, and application provisions.

  2. That's a trick question. If the fixture wire is of a type not listed in the table, you can't use it [402.3].

  3. Because you must use Table 402.5 to determine the allowable ampacity.

  4. They must be identified by one or more continuous white stripes on other than green insulation [402.8]. Alternatively, you can use the means described in 400.22(A) through (E).
  5. You can use them for installation in luminairs and similar equipment where enclosed or protected and not subject to twisting or bending in use. You can also use them for connecting luminaires to their branch circuit conductors [402.10]. You can't use them as branch-circuit conductors [402.11] except as permitted elsewhere in the Code.