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NEC Quiz: Article 406, Part 1 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Probably. No American manufacturer will supply a receptacle to the market without its name or identification on it, because the Code requires the manufacturer's name or identification to be on it [406.3(A)]. Any other receptacle is a counterfiet item, and it's probably a fire or other failure waiting to happen. Report the counterfiet to the proper authority, and if they don't want the counterfiet then destroy it.

  2. Nowhere. Receptacles and connectors must be rated at least 15A, 125V [406.3(B)]. If you have a 10A receptacle, it's a counterfiet.

  3. This is an isolated ground receptacle [406.3(D)]. It must be used only with an equipment grounding conductor (EGC) that is "isolated" per 250.146(D). It is not, as some have mistakenly installed an IG receptacle, one that gets connnected to its own ground rod (that is a very, very dangerous set-up). If installed in a non-metallic box, the faceplate must also be nonmetallic.

  4. It must have the Controlled Receptacle Marking Symbol (see the image of it in Figure 406.3(E)).
  5. Generally for 15A0 and 20A branch circuits, yes [406.4]. But where there's no EGC and you're replacing a non-grounding type receptcle you can use a non-grounding type receptacle [406.4(D)(2)].