NEC Quiz: Article 410, Part 2 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Corrosive [410.10(B)], in ducts or hoods [410.10(C)], bathtub or shower areas [410.10(D)], indoor sports, mixed-use, and all-purpose facilities [410.10(E)], in or under roof decking [410.10(F)] .
  2. They must be constructed, installed, or equipped with shades or guards so they don't subject combustible materials to temperatures over 90 DegrC [410.11]
  3. The lampholders must be of the unswitched type. Lampholders must be at least 8ft above the floor, unless each luminaire has an individual switch or each lampholder is located or guarded so its lamp can't be damaged or readily removed [410.12].
  4. Since the NEC does not define "near", it follows that whenever 410.12 applies, so does 410.11. Remember, the goal is to prevent combustion. Don't try to interpret the rules such that you minimize what you have to do. Interpret the rules so that you do what is needed to provide a safe installation.
  5. It must be chain-supported [410.14].