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NEC Quiz: Article 430 Answers, Part 7

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Part VII of Article 430 provides the requirements for motor controllers. Please note, this is distinct from requirements from motor control circuits; those are in Part VI.

  2. Yes, if i t is a branch circuit inverse time circuit breaker rated in amperes [430.83(A)(2)]. You can also use a molded case switch as a motor controller [430.83(A)(3)].

  3. False [430.84]. It's controlling the motor, so only needs to shut it off. It is not interrupting current for ground fault or overload protection or to isolate the motor from its energy source. However, if it also serves as the disconnecting means then it must open all of the conductors.

  4. False. You're probably thinking of switches at a service. Each motor must have its own individual controller [430.87]. There are, however, two exceptions to this (see the Exception notes to 430.87]. For example, a branch circuit disconnecting means serving as the motor controller can serve more than one motor. Exception 2 seems to be a restatement of Condition (2) of Exception 1.
  5. You betcha. This type of motor can run fast enough to blow itself up. So can separately excited dc motors and various configurations of motor-generators and converters [430.89].